Lime Book

client: Viero
year: 2015

A book dedicated to lime, which for centuries has been fundamental in the evolutionary process of art and architecture, handed down since Roman times as an essential element of construction.

A catalogue dedicated to lime as you see it in the paintings of De Chirico, in those metaphysical representations in which every illusory boundary seems to be there only to be transcended. Memories, and mental associations are created and deconstructed in dream realms or in the ancient space of Italian piazzas. Time is suspended and only matter remains as an increasingly rigorous and evasive presence.

Through imagination, the solidity of a lime-plastered wall regains its ancient magical connotation, while its elements, undertones, textures and nuances all act like connections leading to new synthesis and images.
Upturned and abstract, reality remains suspended by a thread. Still part of a sensory perception but portrayed in a dreamy state, it clearly gets the characteristics of a reverie.


photo: Sergio Chimenti
text: Valentina Caivano