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Apartment P

location: Sofia, Bulgaria
year: 2015


Interior design of a 2 bedroom apartment

quiet, calm, serene melancholy of spiritual longing
a state in which an object or expression of feelings can be realized within us.

The project takes root in the new residential area of Lozenets, a historic district of the Bulgarian capital highly esteemed for its strategic position overlooking the Vitosha mountain and for the mixture of new and old infrastructure, remains of the Soviet era.

The architectural language – while focusing on the core desire of a family with two teenage boys for a generous and light living volume – aims at the idea of space as an intimate and clean environment. Also, it is concerned with giving to a 100 m2 space the sensation of an unbounded and natural place.

The subtraction of lintels and some walls, the synthesis of the spaces; the opaque finished, built-in furniture; the use of indirect light on a materials of neutral appearance, such as concrete, oak wood, lime based wall finishes in the bathrooms.
All this as part of a constant search for a peaceful uniformity, which is also one of the drives for my design and architectural practice.

photo: Sergio Chimenti
text: Valentina Caivano